WOD: 9-25-13

Strength:  35 minutes to find:

5RM Push Press


5RM Split Jerk


5RM Shoulder Press

1: 5 min AMRAP of:

400M Run then AMRAP of:

5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups

2: For time:

400M Run then AMRAP of:

2 Muscle Ups
5 Handstand Push Ups


I know you like this workout…

The most important thing to focus on today is skill.  I am not referring to a kipping skill.  I am not referring to any gymnastics skill.  I am referring to the skill that weightlifters possess when they re-rack a heavy barbell.  The pressing in today’s strength is difficult to do on the way up, but the re-racking portion of the lift deserve just as much attention, if not more.  You cannot do 5 reps, if you cannot re-rack the barbell four times.  Would this be a fantastic thing to remember as we go through the warm up?

The answer doesn’t rhyme with shmo,



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